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Water Pump

Possible Causes
Coolant leakage
Х From the bleed hole of the water pump
Visually check
Х Check leaks after about ten-minute warming up.
Х If coolant still leaks, replace a water pump.
Х If leakage stops, reuse the water pump (Do not replace the pump with a new one).
Х From gaskets or bolts
Х Check the tightening of the water pump mounting bolts.
Х Retighten the mounting bolts.
Х Check damage of gaskets or inflow of dust.
Х Replace the gasket and clean dust off.
Х From outer surface of water pump
Х Check the material or any cracks of the water pump.
Х Poor material. If any crack found, replace the water pump.
Х From bearings
Х From mechanical seals
Х Impeller interference
Inspection with a stethoscope
Х After starting the engine, check noise with a stethoscope.
Х If there is no noise, reuse the water pump (do not replace it).
Х If there is any noise from the water pump, remove the drive belt and recheck.
Inspection after removing a drive belt
Х After removing a water pump and a drive belt, check noise again.
Х If there is noise, reuse the water pump. Check other drive line parts.
Х If there is no noise, replace the water pump with a new one.
Inspection after removing a water pump
Х After removing a water pump and a drive belt, check noise again.
Х If there is any interference between them, replace the water pump with a new one.
Х Damaged impeller
Х Loosened impeller
Loosened impeller
Х Corrosion of the impeller wing
Х Check engine coolant.
Х Poor coolant quality / Maintenance check
Х Impeller seperation from the shaft
Х Replace the water pump.

Water pump. Troubleshooting

Thermostat. Repair procedures

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