Kia Optima: Replacement - Injector. Repair procedures - Engine Control System - Engine Control/Fuel System - Kia Optima TF 2011-2024 Service ManualKia Optima: Replacement

The injector combustion seal should be replaced new one to prevent leakage after removing the injector.

1. Remove the combustion seal (A) with a wire cutter.

Grip the sealing ring carefully, pull it to form a small loop and then cut it.

Be careful not to damage the surface of the valve sleeve with the wire cutter.

2. Before the assembly of the sealing ring the groove must be cleaned using a clean cloth.

Any coking of the injector sealing surface must be carefully removed with a brass-wire brush.

The surfaces of the new sealing ring must be clean and free of grease.
3. Place the combustion seal on the coneand pull downward on the seal as indicatedin the photo.

Your fingers will work better forinstalling the Combustion Seal overthe cone.
4. Pull the seal downward until it is near thebottom of the cone as shown in the photo.

5. Place the cone (with seal) on the end ofthe injector.

Place the sizing tool (SST No.: 09353-2B000) overthe cone. Make sure the tool flange istoward the seal as shown.

Press down on the tool to work the sealover the injector and into the groove.

6. Because the seal will stretch as it goesover the end of the injector, it will be a bitoversized after installation.

By letting the injector and seal set for a fewminutes, the seal may reduce in size.

Inspect the seal for damage before continuing.

7. Place the resizing tool (flange up) over theseal. Twist the tool slightly while pushingdown over the seal. This should reduce thesize of the seal.

Be careful not to apply engine oil on thecombustion seal ring.
8. Place injector into the head as shown.

9. Twist slightly while pressing the injectorinto position in the head.

This should complete the resizing of theseal.

Remove the injector and inspect the sealbefore completing the injector installation process.

10. If the injector comes with a protective steelwasher held in place by a spring clip; bothwill have to be removed before installation.

11. Install the Washer Seal onto injector withthe rubber side (stepped) toward theinjector.

12. The stepped rubber side of the seal goes towards the injector.

13. The flat washer side of the seal goes towards the head.

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