Kia Optima: Disassembly - Repair procedures - Cylinder Block - Engine Mechanical System - Kia Optima TF 2011-2024 Service ManualKia Optima: Disassembly

Х Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
Х To avoid damage, unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding the connector portion.
Х Mark all wiring and hoses to avoid misconnection.
Х Turn the crankshaft pulley so that the No.1 piston is at top dead center.
Х Engine removal is required for this procedure.
In case of removing the high pressure fuel pump, high pressure fuel pipe, delivery pipe, and injector, there may be injury caused by leakage of the high pressure fuel. So donТt do any repair work right after engine stops.
1. Remove the engine assembly from the vehicle. (Refer to Engine and transaxle assembly in this group)
2. Install the engine to an engine stand for disassembly.
3. Remove the intake manifold and exhaust manifold. (Refer to Intake and exhaust system in this group)
4. Remove the timing chain. (Refer to Timing system in this group)
5. Remove the cylinder head assembly. (Refer to Cylinder head in this group)
6. Remove the drive plate (A) and the adapter plate (B).

7. Remove the balance shaft & oil pump assembly. (Refer to Lubrication system in this group)
8. Remove the A/C compressor. (Refer to HA group)
9. Remove the alternator. (Refer to EE group)
10. Remove the water pump assembly. (Refer to Cooling system in this group)
11. Remove the tensioner assembly integrated bracket (A).

12. Remove the oil level gauge tube (A).

13. Remove the knock sensor (A).

14. Remove the oil pressure sensor (A).

15. Remove the cover (B) and then CKPS (Crankshaft position sensor) (A).

16. Remove the ladder frame (A).

17. Check the connecting rod end play.
18. Remove the connecting rod caps and check oil clearance.
19. Remove piston and connecting rod assemblies.
(1) Using a ridge reamer, remove all the carbon from the top of the cylinder.
(2) Push the piston, connecting rod assembly and upper bearing through the top of the cylinder block.
Х Keep the bearings, connecting rod and cap together.
Х Arrange the piston and connecting rod assemblies in the correct order.
20. Remove crankshaft bearing cap and check oil clearance.
21. Check the crankshaft end play.
22. Lift the crankshaft (A) out of the engine, being careful not to damage journals.

Arrange the main bearings and thrust bearings in the correct order.
23. Remove the oil jet (A).

24. Check fit between piston and piston pin.

Try to move the piston back and forth on the piston pin. If any movement is felt, replace the piston and pin as a set.

25. Remove piston rings.
(1) Using a piston ring expander, remove the 2 compression rings.
(2) Remove oil ring.
Arrange the piston rings in the correct order only.
26. Disconnect connecting rod from piston.

Remove the snap ring at both ends of piston pin. And push the piston pin to seperate and connecting rod

Repair procedures

Connecting Rod 1. Check the connecting rod end play.Using a feeler gauge, measure the end play while moving the connecting rod back and forth. End play :Standard : 0.10~ ...

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