Kia Optima: Air Bag - Supplemental Restraint System - Knowing your vehicle - Kia Optima MS/Magentis 2000-2005 Owners ManualKia Optima: Air Bag - Supplemental Restraint System

What Your Air Bag System Does

Your vehicle is equipped with a dual Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), which includes an airbag for the driver and another airbag for the front seat passenger. The airbag for the driver is in the steering wheel and is designed to help restrain the forward movement of the drivers head and chest in certain frontal collisions. The passenger airbag is designed to help restrain the forward movement of the passengers head and chest in certain frontal collisions.

What Your Air Bag System Does Not Do

The air bag system is designed to supplement or add to the protection offered by the safety belt system. IT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE SAFETY BELT.

Why Didnt My Air Bag Go Off in a Collision?

There are many types of accidents in which the air bag would not be expected to provide additional protection. These include side or rear impacts, rollovers, and second or third collisions in multiple-impact accidents, as well as low speed impacts.

Remember, air bags are only designed to inflate when the impact would throw the occupant into the air bags generally from an area a little to the left to a little to the right of straight ahead.

In other words, just because your vehicle is damaged and even if it is totally unusable, dont be surprised that the air bags did not inflate.

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