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Network Configuration

The Network of the SJB(Smart Junction Box) consists of Low speed CAN as shown in the following figure.

Termination ResistorThe cluster has CAN termination resistor. It is possible

Termination Resistor

The cluster has CAN termination resistor. It is possible that CAN termination resistor value is changed by number of CAN controller. The termination resistor value of the cluster is 510 Ω.

Relay Box (Engine Compartment). Description and Operation

Function RequirementsThe BCM controls IPS and relay on the SJB. For example, if BCM requests head lamp low beam control, then BCM requests related lamp control at one time. Signal Flow DiagramThi ...

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Components and Components Location
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Before Starting
Close and lock all doors. Position the seat so that all controls are easily reached. Adjust the inside and outside rearview mirrors. Be sure that all lights work. Check all gauges. Check ...

Description and Operation
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