Kia Optima: Remote Fuel Filler Lid Release - Fuel Filler Lid - Knowing your vehicle - Kia Optima MS/Magentis 2000-2005 Owners ManualKia Optima: Remote Fuel Filler Lid Release

Depress on the release button located on the drivers door to open the fuel filler

Depress on the release button located on the drivers door to open the fuel filler lid.


To avoid injury from sharp objects, it is recommended that protective gloves be worn when opening the fuel filler door manually.

WARNING - Refueling WARNING - Refueling

If pressurized fuel sprays out, it can cause serious injuries. Always remove the fuel cap carefully and slowly. If the cap is venting fuel or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until the condition stops before completely removing the cap.


Automotive fuels are flammable/explosive materials. When refueling, please note the following guidelines carefully. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in severe personal injury, severe burns or death by fire or explosion.


Fuel Filler Lid

Steering Wheel

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