Kia Optima: Refrigerant line. Repair procedures - Air Conditioning System - Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning - Kia Optima TF 2011-2020 Service ManualKia Optima: Refrigerant line. Repair procedures


1. Discharge refrigerant from refrigeration system.
2. Replace faulty tube or hose.
Cap the open fittings immediately to keep moisture or dirt out of the system.
3. Tighten joint of bolt or nut to specified torque.
Connections should not be torque tighter than the specified torque.
Part tightened
Condenser - Discharge hose
Condenser - Liquid tube
Compressor - Discharge hose
Compressor - Suction hose
Expansion valve - Evaporator

4. Evacuate air in refrigeration system and charge system with refrigerant.

Specified amount 550 ± 25g (19.4 ± 0.88 oz.)
5. Inspect for leakage of refrigerant.

Using a gas leak detector, check for leakage of refrigerant.

6. Inspect A/C operation.

Refrigerant line. Components and Components Location
Component Location ...

Compressor. Components and Components Location
Components 1. Screw 2. Bolt 3. Disc & Hub Assembly 4. Retainer Ring 5. Pulley 6. Connector Bracket 7. Screw 8. Compressor Assembly ...

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