Kia Optima: Description and Operation - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Suspension SystemKia Optima: Description and Operation

Tread Lamp
Tire Under Inflation / Leak Warning.

Turn on condition
When tire pressure is below allowed threshold
When rapid leak is detected by the sensor.
Turn off condition
When tire pressure is above(warning threshold + hysteresis).
When tire pressure is above (leakwarning threshold).
DTC Warning
Turn on condition
When the system detects a fault that is external to the receiver / initator / sensor.
When the system detects a receiver fault.
When the system detects an initiator fault.
When the system detects a sensor fault.
Turn off condition
If the fault is considered as ''critical'', then the lamp is held on throughout the current Ignition cycle (even if the DTC has been demoted). This is because it is important to bring the problem to the drivers attention. On the following Ignition cycle, the demotion conditions will be re-checked. If the demotion conditions occur, the lamp will be turned off. It will be held on until DTC demotion checking is completed.
''Non critical'' faults are those that can occur temporarily e.g. vehicle battery under voltage. The lamp is therefore turned off when the DTC demotion condition occurs.
When driving in high altitude grades, it is natural for the atmospheric pressure to decrease. Therfore, please check the tire pressure and add more air as necessary.
Tire pressure can be decreased naturally due to decrease in ambient temperature (especially in winter). In this case, fill tires with air to the specification if warning lamp is illuminated as this is natural phenomenon.
System Fault
General Function
The system monitors a number of inputs across time in order to determine that a fault exists.
Faults are prioritized according to which has the most likely cause.
Maximum fault store is equal to 15.
Certain faults are not covered through DTC. The main ones are:
Receiver Micro-controller lock up ; requires observation of lamps at Ignition ON to diagnose.
Ignition Line stuck ; requires observation of lamps at Ignition ON to diagnose.
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