Kia Optima: Blind Spot Detection Variant Coding Description and Operation - Blind Spot Detection System - Body Electrical SystemKia Optima: Blind Spot Detection Variant Coding Description and Operation

The used radar frequency of BSD is two, "North America region" and "Except North America region".
If it replaces BSD unit, BSD unit has to perform the procedure of variant coding.
BSD Variant Coding
Select the "BSD Variant Coding" procedure in BSD system.

Perform the "BSD Variant Coding" procedure according to the GDS screen message.

Select "C1" or "C2" for each region and transmission.
And then proceed the BSD variant coding process.

BSD Variant Code Reading
Select the "BSD Variant Code Reading" procedure.

Proceed the "BSD Variant Code Reading" procedure according to the GDS screen message.

If BSD unit does not set "BSD Variant Coding", "Variant code : None" is verified.
Perform the "BSD Variant Coding" certainly.

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Blind Spot Detection Radar Calibration Description and Operation
Description To sense the cars exactly in the next lane with the radar, the direction of the sensor and the direction of the vehicle have to align. This is BSD unit alignment. If this alignment ...

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